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Corporate Strategy Development
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Exploration Strategy
  • Assets Appraisal
  • Acquisitions & Mergers Advisory
  • Independent Technical Expert
  • Expert (legal) Witness
  • Mine Planning Software Selection
  • Grade Control Studies
  • Reconciliation Studies
Technical evaluation & studies
  • Scoping/ Order Of Magnitude Studies
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)
  • Pre-feasibility Studies (PFS)
  • Feasibility Studies (FS)
  • Mine Optimisation
  • Detailed Mine Designs
  • Detailed (LOM) Scheduling
  • 3D Geological Resource Modelling
  • JORC, NI 43-101 Reporting
  • Execution Planning
  • Mine Ventilation & Design
Mine operations
  • Project Execution
  • Business Support & Productivity Improvements
  • Partner & Alliance Model
  • Operations Management
  • Operation Assessment
  • Grade Control Systems
  • Site Technical Secondments
  • Operational Readiness
  • Short & Medium Term Mine Scheduling
  • Resource Definition Drilling


  • Desktop studies of existing information
  • Geotechnical component of mining studies
  • Geotechnical investigation and data collection including mapping, core logging and field testing
  • Rockmass characterisation assessment for mining studies
  • Geotechnical parameter definition for utilisation in analysis and designs
  • Ground support and stabilisation design
  • Numerical analysis, limit equilibrium and probabilistic design methodology
  • Geotechnical risk analysis, hazard identification and management plans
  • Post-failure rehabilitation and recovery plans
  • Geotechnical input to mining method selection studies
  • Blasting assessments and design advice to maintain rockmass integrity
  • Rockmass monitoring / instrumentation
  • Waste rock dump stability assessments
  • Project management and site support
  • Development of Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP)
  • Innovative technology tradeoff and selection
Underground specific
  • Portal, decline, orebody access development assessments
  • Shaft design and inspections
  • Stope and pillar layout, design and sequencing
  • Caving analysis and design
  • Principal stress testing & interpretation
  • Site support, supervision, operator training
  • Modelling of stress and displacements
  • Development of seismic monitoring systems
  • Innovative technology tradeoff and selection
Surface/open pit specific
  • Slope design and design input
  • Rock fall hazard inspections and analysis
  • Waste rock dump design & inspections
  • Blasting inspections and advice for final wall control
  • Site support, supervision, operator training
  • Innovative technology tradeoff and selection


Partnership on Technical expertise
  • Effective management and control of geotechnical hazards and risks
  • Analysing, designing and advising on all geotechnical aspects for both open pit and underground operations.
  • Cost-effective solutions to adequately control geotechnical risks
  • Uphold high operational safety standards, ensuring all stability, safety and regulatory conditions are met.
  • Global experience
Capability and Approach
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques
  • Detailed understanding of your geotechnical setting and conditions
  • Tailored designs and management plans

Partnership in Exploration and Resources Modelling

Partnership in Exploration and Resources Modelling

Vijanatz Industries is looking for partners with extensive technical experience in geology and mine engineering with innovative and practical techniques in order to deliver tailored project solutions and real bottom-line values.

The partner will provide field and customer-based activities include:

  • Design, planning and optimisation of drilling programs,
  • Establishing data management protocols,
  • Implementing and auditing QA/QC programs,
  • Geological and mineralisation interpretation and modelling,
  • Geostatistical analysis and continuity modelling,
  • Resource Estimation,
  • Grade control drilling, sampling and process optimisation, and Reconciliation

In addition to those services, the partner will also provide one-on-one and team mentoring tailored to specific customer requirements, high-level reviews and detailed audits on projects at all stages as well as statutory reporting in accordance with international standards such as JORC or NI 43-101.

Vijanatz Industries and partner will work together in all stages of any project in a range of commodities and mineralisation styles including:

  • Epithermal gold-silver (high and low sulphidation),
  • Orogenic lode gold,
  • High nugget, vein-hosted gold,
  • Intrusion related gold,
  • Porphyry copper-gold-moly,
  • Nickel sulphide,
  • Polymetallic base metal (VHMS, Sedex),
  • Pegmatite and brine hosted lithium,
  • Banded iron formation iron ore,
  • Skarn-related gold-copper-base metals,

Partnership in Mining Engineering Services


Our Partner Uniqueness:

  • Effective management of engineering design processes
  • Experts in coordinating design work across geographically separated work groups
  • Apply innovative thinking to deliver the most effective results

Our jointly deliverables are:

  • Detailed, accurate and timely studies
  • Scheduled and tailored to suit client’s requirements
  • On time and on budget

Expected partnership study types will include:

  • Desktop/Conceptual and Scoping
  • Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)
  • Pre-feasibility
  • Feasibility
  • Execution to mine operations
  • Project Risk Profiles
  • Project management
  • Due diligence
  • Reserves (JORC and NI43-101)

​From massive underground caving and bulk commodity surface mining to small satellite open pits and narrow vein through intricate knowledge of underground and surface mining techniques and can add value to your deposit.


Our partnership team will add value and facilitate the analysis and optimisation of your open pit or underground operation.

This is achieved by focusing on a rigorous process combined with innovative and practical thinking:

  • Operation audits to identify areas for improvement such as fleet management, production performance, technical integration, safety & environment, and strategic business alignment to operations
  • Determining the status of the current workflow and processes
  • Measuring performance to plan and identifying areas of under and over achievement
  • Implementing business and productivity improvement solutions
  • Developing ongoing control measures to maintain peak operational performance

Vijanatz Industries and partner will use the optimal mining software systems combined with a practical and innovative approach to provides solutions through the application of all current and relevant information. Accurate life of mine planning is essential to the operation and the future economic success of mining project as result of the following activities: ​

​​Conduct surface and underground mine optimizations.

Engineer detailed surface and underground mine designs.

Develop detailed mine schedules

Demonstrate robust economics of mining projects.

​These steps will produce mine designs and schedules that are easily transferable to onsite mine planning and short-term scheduling teams. The partnership team will design to convey schedule information to mine operation teams to ensure the short-term objectives are aligned with the long-term strategic plan.


Mine production solutions will be delivered through a detailed understanding of the mine schedule and mine infrastructure constraints, combined with practical and innovative technology solutions.

Vijanatz Industries and partner will extensive experience in drill and blast design, general production and implementation in the areas of:

  • Narrow vein to large cave mining methods
  • Surface/open pit design and implementation
  • Operation support in drill and blasting roles